家里添麟儿 • 弥月送一等


纵使公司落在起跑点上,其产量有限,但食物的美味程度极受众客群追捧。一口传一耳,传着传着,《一等》此招牌,很快地就在人群中极力相荐。长期的用心经营,留住了胜不其数的顾客心,渐渐地,涂氏夫妇在众客户的支持下,把业务扩张为店面和分行。新店面对位置落于Jalan Tan Sri Teh Ewe Lim,新分行则落在威盛区南美园的Jalan Tembikai。店面和新分行开张了后,涂氏夫妇更注重一等旗下公司所出产的产品品质。每盒弥月礼盒依然采用着新鲜上等的食材料理,经过众高级厨师精炼的手艺和巧思概念,一盒盒精致的糕点佳礼,定时地出炉,让众客户对《一等》糕饼的的独特味道爱不释手。




Share Your Happiness to Welcome the New Born, gets Eaton.

Penang, Malaysia has long be famous with its fame as “The Best Foodie Place” in Malaysia. Even with a lot of emerging food fusions of western cuisine and other Asian country specialties, Penang is still well known of its local conventional food choice. There is this tradition among the Chinese Malaysians to gift friends and relatives on the Full Month celebration whenever there is a New Born in their family. It was the time when people will start scratching their heads to look for the best gifts to convey this good news to everyone around them.

Taking on to the bandwagon, in the year of 1983, Datuk & Datin Thor were dedicated to set up Eaton Kuih Centre Sdn Bhd. Starting from small production, the delicacy of Eaton has received tremendous positive response from the public. Spreading from the word of mouth, Eaton has gained its reputation and positive testimonials from the customers. With a lot of diligent effort, Eaton today has developed its business to new shop lot and branch. The new shop lot located at Jalan Tan Sri Teh Ewe Lim which the branch located at Jalan Tembikai.

After the expansion, Datuk & Datin Thor have emphasized at the food quality. Fresh and the finest ingredients are use for the Full Month Giftbox. Also, with the help of all the skillful chefs, all of the Full Month Celebration Giftboxes are deliver to the customers on time, always making them amazed at the sumptuous creations.

According to the Chinese Tradition, whenever a family welcome New Born, they have to gift Nyonya AngKoo, Curry Chicken with Turneric Rice and Roasted Chicken with Glutinous rice. Back to those days, all of these delicacies were made by the family members themselves, while relatives would bring their food containers to bring it home. Also, those delicacies were so rare back in those time, people appreciate and reminisced its taste for long. While to counter the busy pace people have nowadays, Eaton created the minimalist idea to bring about the 3 in 1 Full Month Celebration Giftbox which comprises AngKoo, Curry Chicken with Turneric Rice and Roasted Chicken with Glutinous rice. In the meantime, Eaton also provide meal set for Datuk Kong and others traditional desserts.

Eaton ensures the most satisfying choice you can ever find.

Bring Eaton home, bring joy and bliss home.